Facial recognition technology
accelerates your business.

sVision provides solutions to tackle issues from many segments (Education, Marketing, Security, Medical, and many others) using our proprietary facial recognition system developed with advanced facial recognition technology.


For enterprise use

Educational / Marketing Segment
Providing PaaS platform

We provide a platform used for your own apps or markting tools. This is customizable enabling us to help efficient and smooth operation of you new system.

For personal use

Educational Segment

Name Vision (free app for personal use)
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Marketing Segment

Name Vision Pro (under-development for personal use)
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Facial recognition

Fun to learn with AR technology

Let’s make children fun and curious to learn.

How we are educated is changing over time. Paper textbooks are used less and tablets are used more instead. Regardless of these changes, the important thing is that kids are eager to learn with curiosity. We, at sVision, propose an educational solution that utilizes facial recognition technology in order to make kids “curious” and “fun to learn”. It is our role to make an environment where kids show curiosity in everyday life, leading them to learn actively.

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Name Vision logo

Name Vision

Historical persons, artists, musicians…
Let’s search for these notable people.

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Facial recognition

Marketing of your own.

We are in an era where individual strength surpasses organizational strength. New marketing using facial recognition.

In marketing, it is important to understand the story of “whom to”, “what to”, and “how to” convey from various aspects and analysis. In the era of “personal”, individual strength surpasses organizational strength. Focus to “personal” will be an important factor in marketing.

For example, by using our facial recognition AR technology as a communication tool, you can promote yourself without carrying your business cards or brochures. With recent technological improvements, information can be searched anytime and anywhere but reality and virtual information do not link each other all the time. With this in mind, we, at sVision, propose an AR marketing solution that unites “new real” and “virtual”.

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Name Vision Pro

Faces are auto tracked and up to 3 faces are recognized at the same time.

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Facial recognition
various aspects

We make living easier.

Facial recognition technology can be used in many areas. Not only do we provide the technology but we provide solutions in such ways that
– Office or factory can use the technology to provide safe and smooth security environment
– Caretakers can use the technology to reduce burdens as we move into a society with low birthrate and aging population.
Let us help you.

Facial recognition

People’s possibilities will expand

People’s possibilities will expand with our AR technology that unites “real” and “internet” in various ways, making our future ever more happy.

Our life with IT technologies are becoming more and more convenient. We are in an era where once we thought was of inconvenience or ordinary is not so anymore.
In this era, we, at sVision, will contribute to future development with smiles, realizing to unite “real” and “virtual” using our advanced facial recognition and AR/AI technologies.


sVision’s facial recognition technology is comprised with following components.

Facial Recognition Processing
We use image processing library (OpenCV) and other facial recognition technology for recognition.
Features and expected value calculating process
Collecting and comparing locations and distances of each facial parts (eyes, nose, mouth) for individual data calculation.
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
We use “Deep Neural Network”, a mathematical modeling method that combines neurons of humans, realizing the study of faces and the recognition of persons.