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Facial recognition technology is used at the co-working space “ NAGATACHO” to support communication between community managers! NAGATACHO’s community managers will support the creation of an environment where people can understand each other more deeply through the face recognition technology provided by sVision, and by deepening communication, expand possibilities and create a more enjoyable place than ever where everyone can smile. We aim to create a more enjoyable place than ever before where everyone can smile.

Background of Introduction

Aiming to create a place where everyone who uses coworking can enjoy themselves

Used not only for management but also as a communication tool

MIRAI-INSTITUTE Corporation, which operates “ NAGATACHO,” pursues the possibilities of future work styles through its coworking business, and aims to create a place where members with various jobs, nationalities, hobbies, and ideas can gather and enjoy “something” that is created through this chaos. We aim to create a place where people can enjoy “something” that is created through the chaos.

Decisive factor for introduction

An effective tool for better communication

Contributes to deeper communication by displaying various information on members in real time

We believe that understanding the personalities of each member of the team, both inside and outside the company, and deepening communication is of the utmost importance. This is true even when we are unable to meet in person due to the Corona Disaster, and NameVision’s facial recognition system allows us to display a variety of information about our members in real time, even when communicating online, thereby deepening communication and supporting the world we are striving to create. We are very pleased with the results of the project and look forward to working with you in the future.


(1) Frame the image

(2) Tap the result

(3) Person information is displayed!

How to use

[Telework Collaboration] Promoting Remote Work

Typical online conferencing tools

NameVision is compatible with typical online conferencing tools. Face recognition systems can also be used for teleworking online meetings and remote work promotions.
By scanning a person’s face online, his/her name and details are displayed.

Impressions of the use of the system

Impressions from shared offices and online meetings

Effects of Introduction

Future goals and prospects


Company information

  • Company name: MIRAI-INSTITUTE Co.
  • Position: Organizer
  • Name: Miho Koshiba
  • Industry: Planning and management of shared office space, consultation for companies and foundations, etc.
  • Region: Tokyo
  • URL: