We are looking for companies and organizations that can serve as sales agents and distributors as sales partners for our services.

Agency commissions20% of the end user’s monthly fee will be paid as an agency commission.

We will ask you to respond to inquiries from end-users (including how to operate the system).
Basically, we do not respond to inquiries from end users. (Except for contractual matters, etc.)
Since the contract includes responding to inquiries, we prefer customers who are actually using NameVision or have equivalent capabilities.
Contract periodThe contract shall be for one year as long as the end user is under contract.

The contract will be automatically extended for a period of one (1) year unless both our company and the distributor/agent express their intention to terminate the contract.
This contract will become invalid when the end user cancels the contract.
Payment of FeesAgents and distributors are required to send us an invoice, which we will then credit to your account.

The closing date is the end of the month following the end-user’s payment due date. (ex. If the end-user’s payment is due at the end of September, the closing date for commission payment is the end of October.)
The frequency of commission payment is based on the end-user’s contract period. (If the end-user has a one-month contract, the commission payment will be made every month; if the end-user has a 12-month contract, the 12-month commission payment will be made in one lump sum.)
Upon confirmation of payment from the end-user, we will pay the agency/agent commission.