sVision develops products and platform services using face recognition technology.
product development and platform services using face recognition technology.

Challenges of Face Recognition Systems

To install the system
Technicians are needed

Many face recognition systems provide many patterns for each module, such as face recognition APIs. Therefore, in order to use a face recognition system, it is often necessary to assign an engineer to each module and integrate it into the system.

System implementation
is time consuming

Many face recognition systems use dedicated webcams or IP cameras, which require the selection, purchase, and installation of cameras. In addition, it often takes time to connect the system to a server environment and to create a facial database.

Costly to implement
Complex and expensive

Many face recognition systems require licensing and maintenance fees for each dedicated webcam or IP camera, which often increases the cost of implementation. In addition, the types of licensing models are often complex and difficult to understand.

NameVision solves the above issues and can be easily implemented by anyone.

System installation requires
No technician is required

System installation can be completed in as little as Minimum 1 day

Simple and
low installation cost


Face recognition application Name Vision

Targeted at individuals

The “faces” captured by the smartphone camera are matched with over 300 historical celebrities by our authentication system. You can use this application as an eduction tool and as an application to increase your interest in learning, such as searching for information by “face” while studying history, or asking questions with your friends and family.

Name Vision Platform

For Businesses

The NameVisin platform is a service that provides your company with a unique facial database. With our face recognition technology, we build new value to improve your services, marketing, and internal environment.

Case Studies

Facial recognition technology is used to support communication among community managers at the co-working space “ NAGATACHO” NAGATACHO’s community managers will support the creation of an environment where people can understand each other more deeply through the face recognition technology provided by sVision, and by deepening communication, expand possibilities and create a more enjoyable place than ever where everyone can smile. We aim to create a more enjoyable place than ever before where everyone can smile.

The first initiative in the entertainment industry to provide member information through a facial dictionary of all 60 members, utilizing the “Name Vision” facial recognition application. A new communication method with fans is implemented!

Shibu3project, a large-scale training project consisting of members ranging from elementary to high school students, began providing member information by facial dictionary for a total of 60 members (*as of August 1) using the “Name Vision” facial recognition application, the first such initiative in the entertainment industry, on August 19.

Provides a service that displays manifestos and other information when a candidate’s face is recognized in the Tokyo gubernatorial election.

A New Form of Election in with Corona
Tokyo gubernatorial election amid restrictions on campaigning such as public gatherings and speeches
Although the declaration of a state of emergency has been lifted in the wake of the spread of the new coronavirus, unprecedented election campaigning is required to minimize human contact as much as possible…

A first in Japan! Sabae, the birthplace of eyeglasses, offers a new promotional method using a “dictionary of craftsmen’s faces”.

Efforts to Transform the Manufacturing Industry into a DBX
The Sabae Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched an initiative for “Digital Business Transformation (DBX) of the manufacturing industry” utilizing the latest technology as part of its project to support the sustainable creation of innovation by small and medium-sized enterprises. As a first step, the “Artisan Face Dictionary,” a new way for consumers to encounter and select craftsmanship, was launched at the “SAN/CHI2021” online eyeglass exhibition, utilizing the “NameVision” face recognition application….


360°residential innovation

AZIWAU is a social experiment project that adds “knowing experiences” to everyday life, making each scene more vivid. Knowing” leads to a mindset to realize the essential value of things. By learning a little more about the things we use, see, and eat in our daily lives, we can experience a world we didn’t realize or see before. The AZIWAU project provides an opportunity to update your life by triggering “knowing”.…