Case Study: Platinum Productions Inc.

sVision Corporation
Platinum Production Inc.

As a promotion, you can watch an unpublished exclusive video when you recognize the faces of Shibu3 project members!
Use various media and SNS with all members to aim for the number one position in the fastest-rising rankings, and make the consecutive song releases a great success!

Let’s face-recognize the Shibu3 member you like the most!

Linkage to EC, Youtube, various SNS, etc. (e.g., Youtube comments, Facebook group settings, etc.)

The first initiative in the entertainment industry to provide member information through a facial dictionary of all 60 members, utilizing the “NameVision” facial recognition application. A new communication method with fans is implemented!

Shibu3project, a large scale training project for members ranging from elementary to high school students, has started to provide member information by using the face recognition application “Name Vision” as the first initiative in the entertainment industry to provide a dictionary of the 60 members (*as of August 1). The company began providing information on its 60 members (as of August 1) using the face recognition application “Name Vision” on August 19, 2012. We will introduce how face recognition technology can be used in the entertainment industry, from issues to promotion linkage and other case studies.

Background of Introduction

We would like to strengthen our contacts with fans to see how each of the 60 members can be recognized for their individuality.

Used not only for administrative purposes but also as a communication tool

Platinum Productions Inc. is an entertainment agency with many talents and models such as Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Nanao, Anne Nakamura, and Reina Triendl. The “shibu3project,” a large-scale training project for members ranging from elementary to high school students, has a total of more than 60 members, and because members are constantly changing, there is a growing need for the agency to find a way to manage and keep track of the members, We wanted to find a way to promote the individuality of each member, a point of contact with fans, and a communication tool.

Decisive factor for introduction

A new challenge for entertainment, where all members can be recognized by holding up a smartphone and “face recognition”.

Not only problem solving, but also positive initiatives

By utilizing NameVision’s face dictionary, we were able to link not only the member’s profile to YouTube and promotions, making the most of their characteristics and personalities, and we were able to not only solve the problems we had been facing for a while, but also implement additional initiatives. This was not only a solution to a problem we had been facing for some time. In addition, this was the first attempt of its kind in the entertainment industry, and we were told that the Corona disaster had strengthened their desire to take on the challenges of new communication methods such as AR, AI technology, and facial recognition.

How to use

Also used for promotion in conjunction with new music releases. Examines the evolution of digital and entertainment!

A tie-up with NameVision was implemented to coincide with the release and distribution of a new digital single. By holding up each member’s face to the “Name Vision” application, users could view the profiles of all members registered in the face dictionary and the latest information on each member, thereby gaining recognition for all 60 members and realizing a new communication method with fans.

Impressions of the use of the system

Let me ask you! Message from Luna Toyoda (member), “Dictionary of Faces” What do you think of that?

Effects of Introduction

Easy access to information about the child you are interested in and great potential for increasing followers.

Shibu3project is a project for discovering and nurturing new talent, and has a large number of under-recognized members, but when a member changes or a new member joins, NameVision’s facial recognition system makes it easy to access information about the girl you are interested in. In addition, the system can be used in conjunction with various social networking sites and services. In addition, the system can be linked to various SNS and services, increasing the number of followers and attracting them to the service, which is a great possibility and merit.

Future goals and prospects

Use as a sales promotion tool for casting professionals

We would like to utilize NameVision to promote Shibu3project members to a wider audience, not only as a fan service, but also as a sales promotion tool for clients and casting professionals, as well as to support talent development. We would like to use it not only as a fan service, but also as a sales promotion tool for clients and casting professionals, and in conjunction with various other services to support talent development. In addition, as the globalization of talent content becomes more active, if we can discover world-class talent, we will have more opportunities to take advantage of global opportunities by further utilizing the face recognition system, NameVision. I have a dream to help discover and nurture such talents.


Company information

  • Company Name: Platinum Productions Inc.
  • Position: Manager
  • Name: Eiji Hata
  • Industry: Industry: Entertainment Production Office
  • Region: Tokyo
  • Employee size: 75
  • URL: